it is possible i will send the player’s fire tv stick i give you problems: poor communication, reception errors, and even being unable to do anything with it while playing content. One of the things you can do to resolve this is to sync it back up so everything is back to normal. We tell you how to get it.

What we’re talking about doesn’t happen all the time, but it could be due to corruption in the player’s information about the controller… so everything doesn’t always work as it should. And quite frankly trouble. Fortunately, being able to connect the accessory is something that can be done from scratch at any time, and it’s also usually the end of the automatically occurring problems. value this way to try.

Resync Fire TV Stick remote

The process we’re talking about is extremely simple and shouldn’t take you more than a minute to complete. the good thing is things never go bad or you will encounter some additional major errors when you do so, so security is complete. Here are the steps to take just what you need to be in control and have the player connected and working:

  • Press the Start button on the remote continuously for a minimum of 10 seconds so you can make sure the process starts correctly. You can see that there is a flashing LED on the top of the controller to check if this is the case.
  • Wait a minute, you should be at the player entrance and watching the TV screen, so the UI will show a confirmation message. If it wants to press it to run it, do it.
  • Now the LED blinks three times but turns blue. If you see this, you can be sure that everything is ok and then check if the problems are reduced.
  • you’re done.
Amazon Fire TV Stick Remote


If yours does not go away, you may have a physical problem with the Fire TV Stick remote itself. In this case, until you’ve figured out anything you might need to replace the accessory, smart phone as a remote control. You have to download to get application (Available on iOS and Android). Syncing is done while running the app’s wizard and works great as it has all the options you could ever need for playback.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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