How to autofill passwords on Apple TV?

We explain the use of one of the most interesting functions of Apple TV

Typing a password on Apple TV may be easier than you think

HE Apple TV It is a great device that can run any application that directs users to watch TV series and movies, play games, listen to music or learn weather information. But the unique nature of Apple TV makes it Typing passwords is a bit annoying.

Logging into apps and services on Apple TV can be tedious and frustrating because the streaming device doesn’t have its own keyboard or touchscreen. Everything works via Siri Remote. But there are some Tips to autofill passwords on Apple TV.

Of course, some applications in tvOS, the Apple TV operating system, have the feature of remembering your password. However, in other applications you need to re-enter the password.

How to autofill passwords on Apple TV?

Helping users Type more easily in applications when entering passwords or searchingApple has introduced a feature that allows you to turn your iPhone into a remote control by offering support for writing text from the iPhone screen.

Also since the release of tvOS 12, Autofill Apple TV password from iPhone. Whenever you have to type a password or other text, simply take out your iPhone and tap the screen a few times to avoid having to type your password letter by letter; especially something long, very heavy. High security passwords with special characters and numbers.

Use iPhone as Apple TV remote

There are various methods to connect iPhone to Apple TV for use as a remote control.. You’ll be able to navigate the user interface, open apps, control video playback, and a long list of possibilities.

Apple TV

Remote control functionality lets you type on Apple TV with your iPhone

To do this, simply open the Command function on your iPhone; you can search for it in Spotlight or add a shortcut from Control Center. This is very useful if you have Apple TV.

  • pops up Settings on your iPhone.
  • Access the section Control Center.
  • Calling Apple TV remote control.
  • press the button (+) Green to add the Apple TV remote to your Control Center shortcuts.

How to use Apple TV password autofill on iPhone?

Follow these steps to use app password autofill on your Apple TV.

  • open yours Apple TV.
  • connect your iPhone To Apple TV.
  • Open an app to sign in with your credentials.
  • Start typing your password from your iPhone keyboard.
  • Use the function to: autofill passwords It will appear on your iPhone keyboard.

It’s also worth noting that when you start typing your passwords to log into an Apple TV app The system will detect that an iPhone is nearby and a notification will appear on your phone. (see picture) for you to use as a remote control.

Apple TV

Notification for Apple TV text input via iPhone

To activate this function Your iPhone must have access to the same Wi-Fi network signal More than Apple TV and has Bluetooth connectivity enabled.

Now, if you don’t want to use your iPhone as a controller autofill your passwordsIt is always recommended to update the Apple TV Siri Remote to enter your passwords manually.

Source: i Padizate

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