Premieres coming to Movistar Plus + in August 2022: series and movies

If you are one of those who have access to the video streaming service Movistar Plus+You definitely want to know what you can see new on the platform in August 2022. We will show you everything that is interesting and will allow you to fully enjoy your well-deserved vacation.

You will find very interesting movies and series among the new arrivals in this new month that is about to begin. One of the first to notice camera cafe, movie. This is an adaptation of the well-known television series that was successful at the time. With a cast missing (some added) a few of its original heroes, you can enjoy this movie on August 10.

If you want to start with a new series, we recommend you not to miss; City on the Hill. The broadcast, starring the ever-influential Kevin Bacon, begins August 30. A full-fledged thriller about the events of Boston’s high society, where everything is much more complicated than it seems, and the ending is one of the most surprising of this 2022 year.

All premieres of Movistar Plus + in August 2022

Now we leave you with a list of everything you can see as a premiere on this streaming video platform, which is renewed monthly. contents. And the truth is, there are always interesting things to enjoy. What you need to know:


  • Riverdale: Season Six is ​​out August 2
  • Better Call Saul: the sixth and final season arrives on August 16
  • Housekeeper: 29 August


  • Shelter: August 2
  • Sing 2 songs!: August 5
  • Welcome to Resident Evil: Raccoon City: August 12
  • Close (Locked): August 13
  • Rhino: August 16
  • Taurus: August 16
  • Delicious: August 17
  • Paranormal Activity: Close Friends: August 20
  • The worst person in the world: August 21
  • On a dock in Normandy: August 23
  • Above the Sky. Beyond the sky: August 23
  • Undiscovered: August 26
  • Black Box: August 27
  • Butter: August 31

As you can see, the number of movies far exceeds the number of new series coming to Movistar Plus+. Therefore, if you are a movie lover, many possibilities So you can enjoy this August 2022 like never before.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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