OS google tv It is one of the best in existence for use in televisions and also multimedia players. Of course there are some things that could be improved, such as what the development occupies on the devices it’s installed on. And according to what has just been known, the Mountain View company will take action on this.

This is because, as Google itself announced, it will soon be launching an update for Google TV with very important improvements. Maybe not about what it has to do with the usability and aesthetics of the job, working What does it offer? What will happen? better in almost all departments. And that’s great news for those of you who have a computer running the operating system we’re talking about.

Google TV storage improvements

this Requirements this is so much long What manufacturers have to leap into 16GB of storage for TVs and players using this operating system has nothing to do with what it occupies on the equipment it’s installed on. However, with the new update it works change Quite a few.

This is because a tool to allow is included. delete cache, similar to what’s already in the Chromecast player. This was the main culprit for overloading the memory with data that was not very useful to the user… and worst of all, the deletion was not done correctly in many cases when the TV was turned off. So this is a great idea and its functionality will be found in the Storage section of the System menu of Settings. In other words, accessing it will be very simple.

Google TV OS on TCL TV


Other improvements with the update

One of the things that is absolutely important for users is that the performance of the equipment, whether it is multimedia players or Smart TVs, is significantly improved when it comes to the execution of actions. On the one hand it has reduced the amount of RAM required by the operating system work, which allows you to have a better experience with running applications.

In addition, the company stated: less CPU resources are consumed When using Google TV, we are talking about higher speed when doing anything without having to update the hardware (by the way, better cache management also has a lot to do with it). A clear example of what we are saying is that the UI now takes much less time to load.

In addition, the options already available on Google TV are also optimized; manage apps running in the background or better execution of tabs available to access certain content such as those found on Live. The truth is, this is one of the updates worth installing as soon as it becomes available (you will get a notification on the TV).

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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