Apple tv+ releases ‘Emancipation’ trailer starring Will Smith

Apple releases trailer for ‘Emancipation’ tape with Will Smith

Apple tv+, Will Smith
By Rodrigo Sanchez on Apple TV

Will Smith’s controversial moment at the last Oscar awards kept the actor in a very confused situation for weeks. However, it seems that this did not put an end to his career and Hand in hand with Apple TV+ He’s very close to the launch of his next movie, “Liberty”.

Apple is very confident that this movie will come. Another success for the streaming content platform although there is a possibility of losing the opportunity to compete for some important prizes.

The film tells the story of a slave named Whipped Peter, who was photographed for one day and went down in world history. keep a record their wounds as a result of the whips received by their captors. These images served as symbols to end slavery in America.

Actor Will Smith plays this uninstall icon Whipped in a film showing Peter’s journey to escape the tumultuous slavery he is going through.

Today Apple released the trailer of this wonderful tape Productions directed by Antoine Fuqua.

This short short film a preview in grayscale to fill the story dramatically. Will Smith’s performance stands out immediately and the scenes show us what we will soon witness. a piece of world history with a unique artistic expression.

“Towards Freedom” (“Liberation”) movie to be released on Apple TV+ soon December 9 and will be shown in some cinemas around the world a week in advance.

These presentations are intended to guide the film in a way that does it. eligible for award nomination.

This movie joins Causeway, another great Apple filmography commitment, where Jennifer Lawrence is the protagonist of a great dramatic movie. now available on Apple TV+ for all platform subscribers.

Big premieres are coming to Apple TV+. However, the premieres of this and other platforms this month of November are still one of the best options spending an afternoon or a weekend at home.

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