10 essential apps for Apple TV

We offer a large selection of the most interesting apps from the tvOS App Store.

By Sergio J. Ortiz on Apple TV

Apple recently launched a new Apple TV 4K model. chip A15 Bionic 50% more powerful than the previous generation processor and with support for Dolby Vision and HDR10+. Small multimedia device that connects to TV and gives users access to unlimited entertainment content: Podcasts, Photos, Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, games and much more.

this AppleTV It is a very interesting product that the possibility to replace the operating system of a high-end smart TV at a very affordable price. It’s even possible to use Siri voice commands on the Apple TV remote to perform actions on tvOS!

If you already own an Apple TV or are planning to buy an Apple TV soon, you will be interested in a great compilation. The best apps and games for Apple TV. Apps that are so important that I feel bad for not downloading them. Shall we begin?

Selection of essential apps for Apple TV

Below we recommend a selection of the best apps for Apple TV. It is imperative to mention that apps have a download button. Redirects to iOS and iPadOS App Storebecause tvOS does not currently have a web browser.


The North American content streaming platform has grown significantly in recent years. Its popularity has grown a lot, thanks in large part to the quality of its content from Spanish publishers.

Y Apple TV app keeps up with its growing success. The application has a very well designed user interface with a very intuitive use, where it is possible to access any element of the live broadcasts and the channels of each. streamingsomething that other major platforms like YouTube failed to achieve on the Apple TV. In short, a very good adaptation of the app.


How could it be otherwise, and as with any other device (even low-end smart TVs), the Netflix app Perfect compatibility with tvOS operating system Getting many new features in tvOS 16 on Apple TV.

It’s a real pleasure to browse the extensive Netflix audiovisual content catalog on Apple TV, and it’s a pleasure to experience what Netflix series marathons give us.


The Disney+ app for Apple TV is one of the best and most essential apps for any user. Especially if you have children at home. But any user can enjoy it.

It has a very complete catalog and A design with meticulous graphics down to the smallest detail. A very fluid app with acceptable content loading and ideal organization. Without a doubt the best way to see the new Star Wars series ‘Andor’.

Kitchen Stories

Another of the top apps for Apple TV is Kitchen Stories. Apple TV is not only a device dedicated to the consumption of entertainment content, but also see recipes. Especially if there is a TV in the kitchen.

Kitchen Stories a variety of recipes with a highly visual style and high quality photos and videos. Navigating Kitchen Stories is very intuitive where you can find the perfect recipe.


Have you been very stressed lately? Take a deep breath and relax with the Calm app. One of the best meditation apps for Apple TV.

An app that is calm relaxation and meditation videos and bedtime stories. Some of the videos only show nature images with ambient sounds such as wind, rain or waves. So Calm might even be an ideal screensaver for Apple TV.

viewer for Trello

If you regularly use the Trello platform to work on your business projects or studies, Viewer for Trello is an essential app for your Apple TV.

has a cost €3.49 It is available in the tvOS App Store and gives users access to their dashboard with all the comforts of a screen as big as a TV.


YouTube is another of Apple TV’s core apps. It is easy to use and has all the sections available on the desktop platform.

However, it has limitations, for example Unable to access comment section videos and older Apple TV devices have some lag. Beyond that, a very good app for Apple TV, how else could it be from Google?

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is one of the best Apple TV apps in the tvOS App Store. There’s a huge catalog of TV shows, movies, and documentaries for hours of fun on the couch.

User interface design, a little simpler It’s better than other streaming platforms, but this makes it easy to browse content. no doubt other should have for AppleTV.

ocean horn

Oceanhorn is one of the most popular games on the iOS App Store and iPadOS. An RPG with an absolutely captivating storyline that’s worth a try on Apple TV. Cost €7,99.

Although you can actually enjoy such a deep gameplay, it is much more recommended than any other device such as iPad, Mac or even iPhone as the game is much more dynamic and immersive. Still one of the best games on tvOS.

sonic the hedgehog

The Apple TV App Store has a wide variety of high-quality games. However, in terms of gameplay, Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the most recommended games.

Simplicity and excellent adaptability of its controls At the behest of Apple TV, make this free retro game one of the most entertaining options in the games section of Apple TV.

In another way, Apple announced a few weeks ago that it plans to stream MLS football matches on Apple TV+. And even more exciting news for our country is that Apple also wants to acquire the rights to Dutch football league Eredivisie.

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