The winds do not accompany the boat Disney+ (As in Pirates of the Caribbean, everything must be said). The truth is, things aren’t going the way they should at the parent company, and so the CEO has been shifted to hand the reins back to Bob Iger, who at the time made the company grow exponentially.

And apparently, things were worse than they thought. Even the parks aren’t going the way they should, and cinema has long had more failures than successes. For this reason, the direction of Bob Chapek did not give the expected result. This directly impacts the Disney+ streaming video platform. And known news is not very positive as we will indicate

What to expect in the short term at Disney+?

We’re talking about the 2023 plans that Iger seems to have scrutinized with a magnifying glass in order to reverse a situation that seemed complicated for the company as the balance sheets were never collected. While the growth of the video platform is a fact (estimated at over 160 million users worldwide), cost effectiveness Not targeted to be reached by the expected date of 2025. Expenses far exceeded revenues, so it’s time to put the scissors in.

Disney+ app on phone


And, for starters, it’s over own production many times in a quantity that does not make sense or accompanies the quality (it should be said that some sequences are not measured). We’ll have to see which titles are impacted, among which it can be hoped that fantasy series like Andor won’t be the case, but it’s clear that something promised isn’t coming (one claim could be a second season of Loki not getting a follow-up on the budget). The fact is that at least a decrease 20% than promised – which was about 50 creations … not bad -. So forty at the most.

Another thing would be licenses and occasional purchases. third party creations, something that works very well for other services, and so could be a great option to bridge the gap left by Disney+. Come on, it’s still worth having an account, at least on paper.

Price, no doubt about it

This was something that was thought to change as Iger came under the control of global Disney, but none of that will happen. The company’s plans seem immutable in this regard, and will be produced in 2023 -The amount is not known yet and it is not known how the ad option Netflix already offers. But it is clear that access to the catalog will be more expensive. And all this is added to a decision that the company will sooner or later have to settle: it decides to buy to grow, or simply says goodbye and sells its VOD service (note Apple, there is a lot to be said here). Let’s see what old Bob decides.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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