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Apple TV+ catalog continues to add followers

Apple TV+ has managed to create a catalog of original, diverse and interesting content, and it has managed to be the centerpiece among many similar services. While Ted Lasso is without a doubt the most popular of his series, other shows have also caught the attention of fans. And so If you’re interested in playing it safe and seeing the “best of platform”, we’re sharing a list of the 10 most popular TV shows on Apple TV+.

The recommendations we share below are based on a listing in the JustWatch app. According to this, top three places are occupied by Ted Lasso With 27.1% popularity. separation second place with 19.6% popularity and Morning ShowOne of the first original series on Apple TV+, it ranks third with 11.8% popularity.

The 10 most popular TV shows on Apple TV+

Ted Lasso(27.1%)

America’s favorite soccer coach crosses the pond. It is possible From managing a small Kansas college football team to coaching a professional English football clubdespite having no experience in this sport.

But whatever the apparent obstacle, Ted will change the lives of his team and those around him, without even seeking it out himself. Ted Lasso is the most popular series on the platform and has the support of not only the general public but also expert critics.Recognized by awards at the Emmys, Golden Globes and Critics’ Choice Awards.

This was the third and, as far as known, last season’s premiere on March 15.

Severance pay (19.6%)

Severance pay a science fiction thriller. The story is very strange. Employees of a mysterious company cannot remember anything about their private lives while working. When they go out to enjoy their life outside the office, they cannot remember anything about their work.

alone for now It has one season and the second season is thought to be out in October of this year.

Morning Show (11.8%)

The Morning Show is a drama. Explore the brutal world of the morning news and the lives of people helping America wake up in the morning. It currently has two seasons and a third has been renewed.

Basic (8.2%)

The science fiction series tells the story of a group of exiles who must embark on a grueling journey to save humanity and rebuild civilization amid the collapse of the Galactic Empire. After a successful first season, The return of a second installment is expected this 2023.

See (8.0%)

This series shows us that in the distant future, after a deadly virus wiped out humanity, the survivors are now blind. The show ended on October 14, 2022, after its third season.

For All Humanity (7.9%)

This dystopian series imagines a world where the space race never ends and the space program is at the cultural center of America’s hopes and dreams. Apple TV+ has released three seasons to date and The fourth season is expected to premiere after the second half of 2023.

Black Bird (5.6%)

The story tells of a person who is the son of a police officer being sentenced to 10 years in a minimum security prison. The thread changes so much that only one opportunity is offered for it to be turned into punishment. He has a duty to befriend a murderer so he can witness each of the crimes committed.

Black Bird is a mini-series with only one season consisting of six episodes.

Defending Jacob (5.4%)

A horrific crime that shakes up a Massachusetts town, and one family in particular, plays the assistant district attorney in this gripping thriller revolving around great characters. To achieve justice, he must choose between his sacred duty and unconditional love for his son.

also about A limited series of 8 episodes.

Slow Horses (4.9%)

This spy drama series with touches of black humor It tells the story of a team of British intelligence service agents who start working in an abandoned MI5 headquarters due to mistakes that ended their careers.

Under the command of the notorious Jackson Lamb, a leader who is as angry as he is smiling, they delve into the machinations of the espionage world to protect England from sinister forces.

It currently has two seasons.

Maid (4.2%)

Servant tells the story of a Philadelphia couple trying to overcome a terrible tragedy. The distance between the couple opens the door to a mysterious power that has settled in their home. This is a thriller and psychological horror series. Its fourth season premiered on Friday, January 13, 2023.

Of course, all these series and many more are available on Apple TV+ with a monthly subscription of 6.99 euros or a completely free 3-month subscription currently valid only in Spain.

Source: i Padizate

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