Streaming video platform Disney+ He was the first among the biggest to put on the table the possibility of launching a cheaper subscription with ads (a car that Netflix later jumped on). The truth is, new details have become known about how the new option will work for franchisees like Pixar or Marvel.

One of the biggest doubts users have is whether they’ll be using it to replace the subscription they currently have with no ads and switch to a new cheaper one, but there won’t be a lack of ads (and everything suggests it’s coming late this year, early next year) at the latest. The truth is, the rating depends on what bothers you as you have to see this type of content that is meant to sell you something and of course balance between cost and number of ad breaks.

Number of ads Disney+ plans

And the truth is that they offer quite a bit of data from the source of information. positive, especially when compared to what other cloud platforms currently offer with ads (an example would be Hulu). These come in at roughly 10 minutes per hour, which is a significant amount and it seems Disney+ doesn’t value it – the experience won’t be enough.

Thus, the time ads per hour new subscription must see four, a much more reasonable number that goes beyond showing an ad before starting a movie or TV show episode, as with Movistar+. In other words, it affects the way content is enjoyed without being particularly annoying. Of course, everything indicates that nothing dramatic will happen.

Disney castle with river


something very positive

Besides, it is also known to be associated with. kids Disney+ will be much more careful with everything related to announcements. So much so that for content intended for the smallest there will be no commercial break. And this is very positive because this way it will not affect their habits and will allow them to consume everything the platform has for them (regardless of the contracted subscription).

Regarding the price of the new subscription, there are no confirmed details. However, considering the prices that Disney+ currently has on its platform, the cost of the new one with ads is not ignored. between 4 or 5 euros. If so, it will be easy to assess whether it is worth saving the rest of your monthly payouts.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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