Your Apple Watch detected an illness the hospital missed

It’s not the first time Apple Watch has saved lives…

Apple Watch saves lives again

We know how busy the lives of doctors are in hospitals. They go from case to case, trying to save as many lives as possible and diagnose the rarest diseases in record time, without giving up attention to less serious or urgent cases. But sometimes they miss some diseases that are difficult to detect.

Luckily, there are devices in the world as great as the Apple Watch. A watch that can save lives in thousands of ways imaginable. A watch that can detect diseases that even an experienced doctor cannot diagnose.

At iPadízate, we’ve told many stories about the Apple Watch, like the time it detected an irregular heart rhythm while a user was sleeping or the time the Apple Watch’s fall detection function saved the life of a woman who collapsed. your hotel room. This time we are back with one of those stories. A story where the machine saves man once again.

Apple Watch saved the life of a sheriff in Florida

They shared a very interesting story from WFLA about a man whose Apple Watch saved his life.

I’m Sheriff Luke Heyman of Sarasota County, Florida. He went to the hospital several times after receiving several alerts on his Apple Watch that his heart rate was increasing.

After two visits to the hospital, Apple Watch helped detect blood clots in Luke Heyman’s actually both lungs.

I checked my heart rate, it was over 160. I thought it was wrong or the time reading was wrong.

Two days later, Luke Heyman started feeling sick and his legs became weak. He received an alert again on his Apple Watch.

At that point, I thought it was two alarms in one week. I should probably go get checked out. They did a scan with some contrast. They found that I had multiple blood clots in each of my lungs.

And once again, Apple Watch saved a human life.

Source: i Padizate

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