New information about the durable Apple Watch for athletes

For extreme sports, the new Apple Watch will have a larger screen and more battery.

By Ángel Roca on Apple Watch

Mark Gurman once again announced the news about the new generation Apple Watch and expanded his own knowledge, especially about the Apple Watch. expected rugged Apple Watch for extreme sports. This new generation, whose name we do not know yet, will complement the existing series with a new Apple Watch Series 8 and a new Apple Watch SE.

Apparently, the Apple Watch Series 8’s larger screen wasn’t meant to be for Series 8. this will be the screen used by the new Apple Watch. This screen has about 7% more screen area than the 44mm Apple Watch Series 7 and will have a resolution of approximately 410 x 502 pixels.

solid apple watch

A solid Apple Watch could be interesting

A very special Apple Watch that is still unnamed

Also, this year’s will keep the same screen sizes more than the current Apple Watch Series 7 and Apple Watch SE.

The rugged version of the Apple Watch has a display that measures almost 2 inches diagonally, while a new standard Apple Watch Series 8 will retain the 1.9-inch diagonal screen size of the existing Apple Watch Series 7. A planned update for the lower-end Apple Watch SE will also keep the current screen size.

In addition, Gürman, a harder metal as well as a sturdier screen than aluminum. Also, the larger will provide longer battery life and allows you to see much more information on the screen.

Apple Watch Series 7

Apple is preparing a new Apple Watch for athletes

According to Gurman, “Apple can use the larger screen area to simultaneously display more fitness metrics or information about watch faces.”

The extreme sports watch will use a strong metal material instead of aluminum, feature a more shatter-resistant display, and feature a larger battery than standard Apple Watches, allowing athletes to track their workouts for longer throughout the day.

Interestingly, Apple recently boasted about the resistance with a new video on its Apple Watch, something that will increase significantly with that. new special model which should arrive by the end of the year.

Gurman also recently announced that the new Apple Watch will come with a new sensor that can measure our body temperature. In this case it did not yes this will be a function also available on this new rugged Apple Watch for athletes. And it won’t have advanced sensors, either.

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