A watch brand mocks the Apple Watch in an ad that has gone viral

Timex firm is attacking the Apple Watch and other smartwatches with its new ad campaign in New York.

By Francisco Fernandez on Apple Watch

When the Apple Watch was officially launched in 2015, the damage it could do to the watch industries was unimaginable. A few years later it has become the favorite watch of many. best selling watch in the world. Logically, this resulted in the sale of firms like this. Rolex, Casio or Timexwhich doesn’t seem very appropriate to them.

The vast majority of brands have not been very successful in creating their own smartwatch lines. And now, Timex firm chose to launch an intriguing new ad campaign In the center of New York, he takes the opportunity to criticize such smart watches, and especially the Apple Watch.

This is the curious Timex campaign attacking the Apple Watch.

as shared Business ContentRecently, watch firm Timex paid for a new advertising campaign to advertise. New York’s Big Apple. In it, he introduces one of the newest analog watches he has released with Adsum, and the most curious thing is: the text they use to add at the bottom of the ad:

“Know what time it is before you see you have 1249 unanswered emails.”

Timex criticizes the Apple Watch

Timex attacks the Apple Watch: “Know the time before you see you have 1,249 unanswered emails”

As can be seen from this sentence the firm does not support the smartwatch movement much. Timex was founded in 1854 and has been producing different types of timepieces for every taste ever since. They mainly focus mid-range analog watchesIt has a classic design and good functionality, but often without the health and intelligence functions of watches like the Apple Watch.

Perhaps even more curious, as this ad campaign runs its course, You can see how Timex has its own line of smartwatches on its website.. We are talking about relatively inexpensive smartwatches and, as expected, not as complete as the Apple Watch. much more limited sports viewing features and with its own operating system, not including Android Wear like that of other brands, for example.

Now, the vast majority of Timex smartwatches synchronization functions with mobile devicesbe it iPhone or Android. This means that when you see what time it is, you can also find 85 unread WhatsApp messages or 1,249 unanswered emails. Apparently wondering It criticizes watches like the Apple Watch but also has its own line smart watches.

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Source: i Padizate

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