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Apple TV+ is streaming one of the greatest dinosaur documentaries in history, and you can watch the first episode for free.


A lot has changed since Steven Spielberg shocked us all with the classic Jurassic Park (1993). Also from day one dinosaur documentary realistic, computer-generated, Walking with Dinosaurs (1999), left us speechless.

We now know much more about dinosaurs., their traditions, evolutions and habitats. They are no longer the “terrible lizards” their names describe (that’s what dinosaur means in Greek), but some ancestors of birds.

Prehistoric Planet is the new BBC and Apple TV dinosaur documentary+ comes to keep us updated on the latest discoveries about these incredible animals. And it does it in a big way, marveling at the most realistic computer-generated dinosaurs we’ve ever seen. See for yourself in this trailer:


Trailer of the Jurassic documentary Prehistoric Planet on Apple TV+

prehistoric planet It is a five-part series produced by bbc Studios Natural History Unit, Made by Jon Favreau and Mike Gunton, creators and producers of other legendary documentaries like Planet Earth or Green Planet.

Each section is devoted to a different habitat showing animals that lived in the middle of the Cretaceous 66 million years ago: “Coasts”, “Deserts”, “Freshwater”, “Ice Worlds” and “Forests”.

Which is BBC documentary team it’s already a guarantee that he is behind the series, not to mention his legendary server, he is legendary David Attenborough. At the age of 96, he continues to convey his passion for Nature with the same vigor with which he started making documentaries almost 50 years ago.

And for those of you who love dubbing, don’t worry, we also have your most usual voice actor, José María del Río.

The icing on the cake is the perfect soundtrack of another legend. Hans Zimmerwhat’s been ubiquitous lately: we’ve heard it in Dune, No Time to Die, or the last Top Gun Maverick.

Apple TV+ to recreate incredible photorealistic dinosaurs MPCThe company that created the live-action versions of The Jungle Book and The Lion King.

prehistoric planet It’s an atypical dinosaur documentary because here you’ll see them in very different habitats and behaviors than we see in the movies. The swimming and hunting Tyrannosaurus Rex, the mosasaurids fighting for land, the birth of the biggest baby in history… We don’t want to explain any more!

If you want more information on this amazing documentary series, don’t miss our colleague Raquel Hernández’s review at

prehistoric planet It’s already only premiered on AppleTV+, and best of all, You can enjoy the first episode absolutely free. Install the Apple TV+ app on your device and voila…

Source: Computer Hoy

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