This app shows you more than 600 bands that Apple has released for the Apple Watch.

Get to know the intriguing app created by Apple collectors and followers!

By Gabriela Martínez on Apple Watch

Enjoying Apple accessories is part of the experience of using a proprietary device, especially Apple watch. Considering that the device was released in 2015, it makes sense to think about it. Apple launches hundreds of straps to combine by caseincluding special edition editions.

When trying to calculate these, most of us agree that Apple has released a large number of bands for the Apple Watch. Again, The developers of the Bandbreite app decided to do extensive research. and capture in your project, The total number of straps released by Apple, accompanied by information about each model.

Apple Watch straps deserve their own app

The result of the study conducted by Bandbreite confirms that: Apple has released a total of 620 straps for all Apple Watch models, from 2015 to the present. And through this app we can explore each one with precise data like color, release date, model number and price. The app also allows you to keep track of the bands you already have and generate statistics and information about your collection, such as your preferred colors.

According to a Mac Rummors post, the app has been updated to version 1.7 this week with a few new features, including image galleries for virtually any band, the ability to share stats and information about your Apple Watch band collection with others, and many other improvements. Bandbreite is free on the App Store, and the developers are willing to accept a coffee to indicate you like their product.

And if you’re asking who decided to undertake the task of collecting all this informationThe answer is simple: the firm’s fans.

Bandbreite was first released in September 2020 by Filip Chudzinski and other Apple Watch band collectors, designers and software engineers from various countries. The idea for the app came from an ongoing MacRumors forum thread. tracks each Apple Watch band, and there’s also a helpful band chart with the app.

So as a user, collector or just curious, take a look at this app and learn more about the world’s most famous smartwatch, it’s the perfect plan. And then we leave information for you to download

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