New information has emerged about the possible body temperature sensor for the Apple Watch

Apple analyst and leaker Ming-Chi Kuo says Apple Watch 8 is a body temperature sensor to continue the expansion of its health-focused functions.

While there are some new features that should come with the Apple Watch Series 8, it’s a new body temperature sensor that Apple is working on. This was confirmed by Kuo in one of his tweets last Sunday. This sensor was thought to come with the Apple Watch Series 7.can’t be becausethe algorithm did not qualify before entering the EVT phase last year“.

This tweet is linked to a recent report by Patently Apple, which states that the bitten apple company has received a new patent called ‘Packaging Technologies for Temperature Sensing in Healthcare Products’. Confirmed rumor spread by Mark Gurman He assured that the next sensor for the Apple Watch would be one of body temperature.

Apple will bring body temperature sensor

Now, according to Kuo, “Whether the algorithm can meet Apple’s high requirements before mass production“This sensor may appear definitely In Apple’s new smartwatch this year.

Kuo says “challengeis to find an algorithm that allows it to work with the sensor. analyze and determine body temperature reliably and accuratelyGood morning my baby “changes rapidly depending on external environments“.

And while Samsung is working on the same functionality, the leaker said that the technology is unlikely to come out of the hands of Apple’s competitor, and yes. The next big thing about the Apple Watch Series 8.

This incredible functionality was also seen in a concept of the Apple Watch Series 8. to redesign what all users expect.

Source: i Padizate

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