That’s why they could ban the sale of Apple Watch

The company may have made an unforgivable mistake while developing its smartwatch.

Apple Watch Series 8 from 2022.

This International Trade Center (ITC for its English acronym) may decide to ban the sale of the latest Apple Watch generations for violating one of its regulations.

Apple may have serious error in development A feature on your smartwatch and your Apple Watch may no longer be available for sale.

Company faces with bitten apple logo an unprecedented punishment That could completely crash its overall revenue, going to its 2023 financial results. Read on to find out why Apple might stop shipping the latest versions of the Apple Watch.

Possible ban on Apple Watch sales

Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch Line

Problems don’t stop raining down on Apple. As if the European Union’s Digital Markets Act, which would allow Apple to allow third-party stores, was not enough, now the International Trade Center has decided that Apple has infringed the patent on the AliveCor brand. ECG function one of the latest Apple Watch models.

This may cause Apple Watch is prohibited for sale in the United StatesA threat that will seriously damage the Cupertino firm’s c.

“This rule resulted in a limited restraining order and a halt to the importation of Apple Watch units in violation of the rule, potentially affecting the sale of millions of devices.”

For now, the International Trade Center has suspended the sentence until all appeals have been considered.

The legal battle between Apple and AliveCor goes back a long way. Both companies have been struggling for many years. In 2015, as 9to5mac told us, AliveCor created A special strap for Apple Watch with ECG sensor to show the full potential of its technology and hope Apple accepts a possible future deal.

Regardless, the deal never materialized, and in 2018, Apple introduced the Apple Watch Series 4 with EKG (electrocardiogram) sensor from AliveCor. He sent a petition to the International Trade Center to ban Apple Watch sales in the United States.. Apple has requested that AliveCor’s patents be declared invalid.

president of the united states Joe BidenYou have 60 days to determine whether Apple is infringing on AliveCor’s patents.

Source: i Padizate

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