Joyful screensavers It was common in older versions of Windows like 95 and 98. These were videos and animations that played automatically after the computer was inactive for a certain period of time with the monitor on.

From simple personalized signs that spin forever to funny stories of a shipwrecked desert island, many of these screensavers are still fondly remembered today. And in some cases, they’re still used today, even with healthier PC features like Rest Mode and auto screen off.

TecMundo brings a list today Screensavers of older versions of Windows that make history. Payment!

1. Maze 3D – Maze Screensaver

The famous screensaver with 3D maze has been released for Windows 95 and 98. FPS games on PCs dominated the genre at the time, and so Microsoft thought it would be interesting to show this homage and also show the potential of its system for the time being.

Interestingly, at that time there were many users who programmed the screensaver, as the hardware was very limited, but the system was overloaded and crashed as a result.

Shipwreck on Island 2. Johnny Castaway

One of the most famous screen savers in history, this movie features a castaway who encounters extraordinary circumstances on a small island. Among them, a nap and even a night of drinking on a luxury cruise ship just as the rescue comes.

Although it was released for the first version of Windows, there were those who used protection until later versions such as 95, 98 and XP.

3. Sign with gestures / rotating text

Windows’ most famous native screensaver has allowed many to spend a few moments following the movement of digital signage. The word was spinning from the Pong game with an innovative 3D effect for the time, as well as moving like a ball.

To complete, the same text can be customized by the user. In this way, it was even possible to put a person’s full name, motivational phrases and even swear words for funny ones on duty.

4. Virtual Aquarium

The screensaver featuring a virtual aquarium was a flashy thing back then. This is because the premium version requires the user to purchase virtual fish to put in a digital version of a personal flock.

The screensaver featuring a virtual aquarium was very popular at the time

However, like most of the software of that time, there were many who used the virtual aquarium as a pirate or used its free version with ads and less resources compared to the paid one.

5. 3D Installation

Another screensaver that was a way to showcase the potential of Windows 95 was the screensaver with 3D installations. In it, a virtual pipe appeared on the screen, allowing the user to follow the entire path of the pipe and its creation.

3D plumbing screensaver was one of the most popular screensavers on Windows

After running for a long time, the user could see a real world of pipes with the most different colors and orbits. And interestingly, like other “very advanced” models of that time, if played for a long time on more modest computers, it can overload the system.

6. Matrix

Released after the success of the 1999 movie The Matrix, the screensaver reproduced the famous vertically descending green coded lines that became the hallmark of the action movie.

Just like the movie, the Matrix screensaver became a rage in the late '90s.

While not specific to Windows, it was a PC must have for all fans of the movie. It was so successful that at that time the screensaver was always at the top of the most downloaded software lists on specialized sites.

It is worth remembering that many of these protectors are still current versions of Windows, 10 and 11. However, you should be careful while downloading and do not fall into the trap of cybercriminals.

And what do you think is the most famous screen saver of old Windows? Tell us on our social media!

Source: Tec Mundo

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