Apple Watch with micro-LED display will arrive in 2025

Apple will significantly improve the display technology of its smartwatches and increase their size.

The Apple Watch Ultra was launched in September 2022.

A popular analyst from Haitong International Tech Research has leaked some very interesting news regarding the screens of Apple’s future wearables. Apparently, Apple plans to introduce the technology micro LED on Apple Watch screens.

In the news, it was stated that the company will update the Apple Watch screens with micro LEDs in 2024, but this information was recently updated to delay the date. Micro LED displays will be implemented in 2025 Apple WatchAccording to Ross Young.

Improving Apple Watch screens

They reported from 9to5mac that Apple is planning Increase the size of the screen dimensions of your Apple Watch Ultra, as well as applying micro LED technology. It was said that in principle it will be in 2024. Now Ross Young states that it will happen later.

The Apple Watch Ultra is currently available in a 49-millimeter version with a 16-inch display. 2 inches offering resolution 410×502 pixels.

According to the information obtained, the increase in the screen will be accompanied by a radical improvement in technology. view It will replace OLED panels Your Apple Watch with micro LED panels from 2025, especially in the spring.

Again, Production of micro LED panels will start in 2024.

Offers micro LED displays multiple advantages Compared to OLED technology. Apple Watch will be able to achieve much higher brightness levels with micro-LED displays, as well as much more accurate color data.

On the other hand, micro LED technology is also less likely to cause this effect. burn or screens and provides more energy efficiency than OLED panels. In short, they’re better for the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra on a blue background

We’ve been seeing all kinds of rumors about Apple and its micro-LED technology for a long time. Finally, it looks like the company with the bitten apple will eventually be encouraged to introduce this type of display on devices in its ecosystem.

Once Apple implemented OLED technology into its Apple Watch, it didn’t take long for it to spread its use to other devices like the iPhone, most notably the 2017 iPhone X. Today, all new generation iPhones feature OLED panels. Therefore, in the not-too-distant future, the Cupertino firm’s will also implement micro LED technology in their iPhones next generation.

Source: i Padizate

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