Iran has executed two prisoners sentenced to death for allegedly killing a security guard during protests that shook the country. Since mid-September, Persian has increased the number of hanged protesters to four.

Mohammed Mehdi Karami, multiple karate champion, and Mohammad Hosseini, a children’s coach, was executed after being accused of killing a basiji – an Islamist militant – during protests sparked by Mahsa Amini’s death in November. He reported the courthouse to Mizan agency.

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The two youths, ages 22 and 20, were to join the “riots” in Karaj, a city near Tehran, along with other “rebels” in early November. They tried to block the Karaj-Kazvin highway and attacked the security guards. , according to Mizan.

In the clashes, the basiji Ruhollah Ajamian was stabbed to death, 16 people were charged with this crime. four were sentenced to deathaccording to official media.

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Karami and Hosseini were arrested on November 5 and tried on December 5 and sentenced to death. less than a week trialAccording to Amnesty International.

Karami’s father, who practices karate, a sport for which he has won numerous medals, told Iranian media that the judicial authorities did not. that they were allowed to choose a lawyer and that the lawyer chosen for them did not answer their calls..

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He condemned “in the strongest terms” what he described, through US State Department spokesman Ned Price, as “false trial and execution”.

These executions are an important component of the regime’s (Tehran) effort to suppress the protests. “We continue to work with our allies to hold accountable for Iran’s brutal repression,” Price said on Twitter.

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Canadian Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly condemned what authorities described as “senseless executions” this Saturday.

“The (Tehran) regime must end such cruel and inhuman punishments,” he added on his Twitter account. He also emphasized that: Canada stands “with Iranians who should be able to enjoy their human rights”.

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Karami and Hosseini joined those of Mohsen Shekari and Majid Reza Rahnavard in early December as they joined the protests that shook the country. These executions drew strong international criticism, especially from Western countries, who called on Iran to end the executions.

Another 26 people were sentenced to death for their participation in the demonstrations.Among them is Arshia Takdastan, 18, who was sentenced to the heaviest sentence two days ago. Iran has been experiencing protests since Mahsa Amini’s death on September 16 after she was detained by the Moral Police for not wearing a hijab, but protests have developed and now protesters are calling for the end of the Islamic Republic founded by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. in 1979

At least 2,000 people have been accused of various crimes by the Iranian Ministry of Justice for participating in the demonstrations.
According to various NGOs, more than 450 people have died in different protests that have been forcibly repressed by the police in Iran in recent months.

*with EFE

Source: Exame

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