The Apple Watch’s micro LED display will be made by LG, not Samsung

Panels with micro LED technology for the 2025 Apple Watch screen will be produced by LG.

Apple Watch Ultra display.

The latest information on the tech industry has suggested that Apple plans to launch an Apple Watch with a micro LED display in 2025, although many rumors circulating on the net indicate that this will happen in the second half of 2024. .

Today we were able to learn new information on this subject. analyst and from the inside Ross Young communicated on Twitter Apple chooses LG for micro LED display production future Apple Watches.

LG will produce micro LED screens for Apple Watch

Ross Young gave the information on Twitter. twitter You can read below.

“We published in our November article that LG Display is building a small line to produce micro LED panels for the Apple Watch. Production will not begin until 2024. This small line will be where Apple will assemble micro LEDs for Apple. The watch will be manufactured. 2025′ It will be released in . Apple won’t do the whole process.”

In this way, Ross Young wanted to clarify all the latest rumors about the screens of the next generation of Apple Watch. everything points to this they won’t be ready for the last semester of next yearSo we’ll have to wait a little longer to enjoy this technology.

Micro LED panels are better than OLED panels as they will activate Apple’s smartwatch achieve much higher brightness levels. In addition, they also allow you to acquire some. more accurate color data and to have higher energy efficiency (plus battery). Additionally, this technology is less likely to be affected by this impact. burn or the burn-in effect that causes many problems with OLED displays.

According to rumors, micro LED panels will turn to the screens of the Apple Watch Ultra model. a model that can include a display with larger sizesreaching 2.1 inches. The current model of Apple Watch Ultra, released in September 2022, has a 1.92-inch screen.

What do you think about the implementation of micro LED displays in Apple Watch?

Source: i Padizate

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