This will be the special function of AirPods Lite: PRICE

Apple wants to compete with the cheapest wireless headphones!

Entry-level AirPods may arrive in 2024

Introducing a more affordable version of its flagship device hasn’t worked out for Apple lately. However, the company did not ignore this option and will continue to insist on this strategy in the next launch of its famous AirPods. As is known so far, Apple is working on AirPods Lite, which will differ in price from other models in the series.

Apple always wants more. Although it dominates the world market for smart headphones by a wide margin and three times the share of its closest competitor, there are more from other companies that have an excellent price-quality ratio and are often cheaper than AirPods.

Low-cost AirPods will be Apple’s next product

The report shared by Haitong Intl Tech Research analyst Jeff Pu points out that AirPods Lite will be the earphone equivalent of the iPhone SE series. a) Yes, we would be faced with a modestly updated and renamed previous version of the productwith which we can forget about features like spatial sound or active noise canceling.

According to Pu, The search for new alternatives is due to the significant reduction of AirPods in 2023Shipments from 73 million units in 2022 fell to 63 million units in 2023, mainly due to reduced demand for AirPods 3 in the market.

Currently, Apple three AirPod models on its official site. The cheapest of these is the second generation AirPods for 159 euros, followed by the third generation AirPods AirPods for 209 euros, and finally the second generation AirPods Pro, which retails for 299 euros.

AirPods on Mac

AirPods Lite may have a similar design to AirPods 2.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo mentioned this in the latest reports regarding the launch of AirPods Lite: AirPods Lite will be available for around $99and its launch is predicted for 2024. SpainAfter tax rates are applied, its price can go as high as: 119 or 129 euros.

In addition to the low-cost version of AirPods, Analysts also expect Apple to launch the second generation AirPods Max Next year, nothing new with Apple’s AirPods line is expected in the coming months.

While we’re more than a year away from a possible launch, this innovation in the company’s wearables catalog will encourage consumers to buy AirPods, yes, without the most advanced audio functions.

What functions do you think Apple won’t include in its low-cost AirPods?

Source: i Padizate

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