Powerbeats Pro combines two colors in its special edition!

This weekend Apple released New special edition of Powerbeats Pro headphonesdesigned in tones yellow and dark purpleThanks to an alliance with a designer based in London.

$250 headphones Inspired by the artistic work of Anglo-Iranian Paria Farzaneh and a unique color pattern for the Powerbeats Pro case and Bluetooth headphones, presented in a unique box with special stickers.

Interestingly, the new version costs the same $250 as the original version. They are now available in the SSENSE luxury store.

an inseparable friend

Apple is releasing a new special edition of Powerbeats Pro

Powerbeats Pro is releasing a special edition created by artist Paria Farzaneh

It should be noted that one of these Tests conducted by Apple in March 2019 with the prototype Powerbeats Pro Linked to iPhone XS units and software beta versions was to transfer the sound of a phone call from iPhone to Powerbeats Pro. Back then, the key promise was the exclusivity of the Powerbeats Pro completely wireless in-ear headphones, which can’t be missed and designed for movement.

Its creators certainly thought about the complex morphology of the outer ear and designed the special harmony of hooks and pads according to tasteIn addition to its reinforced design, it is sweat and moisture resistant.

Advantages that quickly make him a constant companion include: nine hours of continuous audio, A charging case for more than 24 hours of total autonomyand the Fast Fuel system to turn a 5 minute charge into 1.5 hours of playback on a low battery.

The original version was developed by Beats and Apple, providing touch controls, voice detection and microphones on both the left and right earbuds, standalone connectivity and instant access to the mobile device, along with the Siri-compatible H1 chip. Configuration with Manzana teams.

NBA blesses them

Apple had introduced A special version of the Powerbeats Pro wireless earbuds To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the North American National Basketball Association -NBA-, the special edition was designed in collaboration with Canadian brand and retail store Better Gift Shop. They feature the NBA logo and the classic blue and red colors.they are also found on the ear cups, which makes them attractive.

The print is based on the ivory color of the original models, but with the special touch given by the manufacturer. They have the same technology as the second-generation AirPods, but they are designed to fit well in the ears, i.e. more suitable for sports use.

And if I had to include the NBA logo in the sports version to innovate, The latest edition of Apple’s Powerbeats Pro was enough for Paria Farzaneh’s magic touch with two color palettes Thus, the unrepeatable classic became the new.

Source: i Padizate

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