Apple Watch managed to save the life of this 36-year-old man

Apple Watch helped a user detect an unknown heart condition!

Detection of heart conditions is one of the most well-known benefits of the Apple Watch.

when we buy apple watch Most of us consider owning a device that allows us to accompany us in our workouts, stay in touch and keep in touch with notifications from our favorite apps. And although we are aware functions designed to monitor the parameters of our healthWe rarely expect to use it.

He expects more or less the same thing as most, described as a 36-year-old user. Adam Croft bought his Apple Watch months later, not thinking it would help him detect heart disease. Of course, he didn’t hesitate to share the story that saved his life.

An unexpected warning from Apple Watch

In an interview shared with the BBC, Croft said: After experiencing dizziness and other symptoms, she went to bed one night and brushed herself off. But the Apple Watch did it for him.

the next morning, When Croft woke up, he found alerts on his Apple Watch that the device had detected atrial fibrillation.. He then called the emergency room and told him he had to “go to the hospital in an hour”.

The timely visit to the emergency services served to investigate the diagnosis of the Apple Watch. after a few additional testing confirmed that Croft suffered from atrial fibrillation. Without the alert from his Apple Watch, Croft probably wouldn’t have gone to the hospital, he said.

After tests confirm atrial fibrillation, doctors prescribed Croft blood thinners. He will now undergo a cardioversion procedure that will use “rapid, low-energy shocks to restore a regular heart rhythm.”

Given the experience, The user stated that he probably would not have gone to the hospital if there was no clock warning. and apps that are definitely associated with the Apple Watch’s heart monitoring “It wasn’t a feature I expected to use.”

The best of Apple Watch

Through his testimony, Crotf confirmed one of the most important values ​​that Apple attributes to its smartwatch, such as the possibility of saving the life of its users in extreme cases, or providing alerts to obtain a diagnosis in his case. and treatment. inhibitor.

Eventually, Croft assured him that “the clock will go on now.”

Source: i Padizate

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