In today’s digital world, which takes place in the majority of business, education and personal activities, cloud storage and computers play a fundamental rolefor the good development of activities.

The hard disk plays a fundamental role, It guarantees the smooth operation of the computer and ensures the security of the files stored on it.

A HDD this is a storage device using magnetic tools saving and importing digital filesThis item is any technological device or operating systemSince there is information that guarantees operation of the device, such as the operating system, programs, files and other important data.

Western Digital is one of the leading manufacturers of hard drives worldwide.Offer low-cost GB or TE storage and use magnetic disk-based storage to store and protect data. Internal hard drives are one of the most common and reliable ways to store important applications and content.

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– HDD or mechanical hard drives -Hard Disk Drive-: These types of hard drives are the most common and often personal computers and business servers. This is how HDD hard drives work: rotating magnetic disks and mechanical arms to read and write data.

– Solid hard drives -SSD-: Such hard drives are newer, not such drives, according to multinational Samsung have moving parts and use integrated circuits for data storageit also allows users to access information faster than mechanical hard drives because It offers more speed and performance than traditional hard drives.

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– Hybrid hard drives: According to PC World magazine, hybrid hard drives are most recommended, because Combine the best features of HDDs and SSDs, on one device. It also shows that such disks contain a small ‘flash’ memory that is used as a cache to store the most used data, while others are stored on spinning magnetic disks.


Source: Exame

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