Freight is not only a crime that takes large sums of money from the hands of a banker, it is also a crime that puts an end to a purpose: travel, study, pay a loan, finally take on a job.

This was witnessed by one of the Sijín investigators of the Bogotá Metropolitan Police, who spent more years persecuting the gangs that committed this crime. He will turn 18 and his expertise is such that he has pinpointed every detail of the event. the way these criminals operate; and they already know him and even fear him.

A burden that leaves a young woman paralyzed in Venice is not far from her mind. “It was about ten years ago. Two women were with their boyfriends, one injured for defending his sister. It was tragic. We caught them.”

The first thing to know is for the institution, Freight only occurs when someone leaves a financial institution and is attacked on their way to their home, business, or other destination, or there is a robbery of a valuable car. There are other crimes similar to this but classified as theft from persons. “There aren’t many cases in a city with that many bank transactions per day, but that doesn’t mean it’s not serious.”

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Freighters in Bogotá are repeat offenders, usually men and women with criminal records. and they have been found to live in neighborhoods such as Isla del Sol, El Carmen or Quiroga in the south of Bogotá, although not in all cases. “They are not people who save their smuggled earnings to organize. They spend what they buy on booze, drugs, women and uncontrolled parties. Then they come back and there is nothing left.” When caught by investigators, most do not have more than two pants and two jackets.

They are not afraid to kill or injure. They do not choose their victims based on their physical or psychological characteristics, age or gender. Your only goal is to focus on some money and they don’t rest until they get it and they do all the previous observation work for it.

These criminal structures always have an experienced and old leader. It organizes and supplies firearms, motorcycles and vehicles to participate in the Charter. “This is the only member of the gang that generally tries to invest the stolen in weapons, goods or automobiles. “It’s very expensive to rent it,” he said. This man is also the one who organizes the gang and the way it works.

When the ‘Squad’ is formed, they go out of Bogota and the south of Bogota to commit crimes. PCitizens talk about wandering around the city-wide shopping malls as they transact in large sums here. by feeling in a more reliable place.

While the gang leader waits in the vehicle, the others, each of whom has a duty, take their places. The first to act is the ‘marker’, which can be a man, a woman or a couple. It is the person who enters the bank and generally does not take any action or requests a return with a false identity. “Just come and sit or sit and wait. They carefully observe which customer is taking longer than usual because they may be the chosen one, and much more importantly, they tune their ears to listen to the ticket counting machine., so they manage to determine if this is a million-dollar transaction. “They are fully trained. They observe if they are green bills and thus measure the amount of money,” said the researcher.

And in doing so, it reports the scoreboard’s movements via chat or conference call. It also tells how the victim was dressed, whether he was a man or a woman, where he entered and exited the mall, whether he got into a car or not, and his license plate. Pointers often appear well-dressed, well-dressed. No one would suspect them. They also detail the pockets in which their victims handed out the money, and they often hide in caps, masks, or scarves to avoid traces in bank records.

The gang leader is the person driving the vehicle and is called the ‘carrier’. He is armed with his co-pilot called ‘Elcogedor’. According to the researcher, he doesn’t care if the victim is with his wife, elderly, children, sick or pets, his obsession with money. Nor if there is a police officer or CAI nearby.

Waits for his target to have to stopduring your travel in the commercial or residential sectors, either because of the usual traffic jams or for any other reason. There the ‘cojedor’ descends, the one with a gun, a lot of violence, rudeness, scaring the victim with threats, speeding up the motorcycle and in most cases shooting. It starts in the legs and targets a vital organ if there is resistance. “Meanwhile, whoever is driving the car informs the motorcycle they call ‘draging’ which way to go, so that the robber can get on the motorcycle.”

The idea is to take it away from the scene of reality. Five or six blocks ahead, the ‘drag’ releases the catcher and returns to the car to deliver the money to the shipper. “The latter is always aware of how much has been stolen because they betray each other. Catchers sometimes take computers or jewelry and keep quiet. The Inspector pauses and remembers a teenager who was killed in the neighborhood of Villa Alsacia after withdrawing some money and went to his mother’s house. “He came in his car and they brutally killed him.”

When the heist goes well for the gang, soon all the members of the crime syndicate arrive at the meeting point and distribute the money there. From now on, criminals will only consider squandering stolen goods in tolerance zones, bars or nightclubs, or leaving the city to municipalities like Girardot or Melgar. “In two days they ran out of cash. They never save, they lead a messy life. First of all, they are gripping and catching, young, agile, ready to do anything quickly and run away”.

“When you look at their records, they have lawsuits for things like food shortages.” When a freighter operates all the wings, it usually stays dormant for a while, and their criminal cars and motorcycles disappear, change cities, and even travel to other countries like Venezuela, Ecuador, or even Argentina. Often their cars are in the name of third parties, almost always in the name of their spouse or lover. “That’s why we always organize tours to determine the path of the car.” Although there are cases where bank employees participated in these robberies, the number is very small. “When banks detect freight in organizations, they turn it around to detect cases.”

It is possible to be a responsible citizen. While it’s safest to go into a state of shock as a victim, It is very helpful for officials when they remember physical features, tones of voice, tattoos, moles or clothes..

Also, when those with domes or recordings of video cameras aren’t looking for an excuse not to show the material to the authorities, the faster they move, the better. “Good resolution static videos are better because the domes spin when just something happens. Sometimes they point to the wall. Think about what could happen to a family member.”

It is very serious to file a false rental complaint as the entire system wears out in investigations. this does not end with anything. “It’s unbelievable, but there are citizens who lie.”

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The researcher realized that old freighters rarely killed their victims, but now they are inexperienced young men who do not think so. “They’re not afraid, they’re coming to shoot.” All their weapons are obtained on the black market.

Investigative processes are not easy when the evidence is diluted, they require at least five and credibility, and when they go to prosecution they almost never admit the charges at first. Then they try to negotiate with the prosecution to reduce their sentences. The most ridiculous thing is that when they get out of jail, they start committing crimes again, they learn from their mistakes and more crime experts come out.

Authorities recommend avoiding dealing with cash and, if necessary, the advice is to ask for police escort. “Many people don’t trust the authorities, but right now police officers are chosen at random and if they are criminals, it’s very well planned to steal them.” The less people know about the procedure, the better. “Don’t start a conversation with strangers.”

Companies are advised to avoid monotony. “They usually send their couriers the 15th of each month to ship. This can easily be detected by criminals.”

The most desirable months of the year for these groups are the premium months. They know they can easily find victims. “Because transactions are increasing.” Complaints can be made to police stations or Emergency Response Units (URI).

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This inspector has risked his life many times, but he knows his expertise has prevented many of these cases from happening or going unpunished. “I think of my family, my children, it’s not fair that this crime continues to steal dreams and end lives,” he said.

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Source: Exame

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