HE gmail email It is one of the most used platforms in the world on a daily basis, the tools it offers to its users means they can find it in one place. Complementary applications that facilitate different tasks of Internet users.

Butalong with the elapsed time and the amount of information accumulated in Gmail, like emails with attachments or promotional filesimages backed up in google drive anyone Photos they cause the mail store to fill up, so an alert is generated advising you to buy space.

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When you log into your email account or Gmail apps, storage Alert, Don’t worry, the app has created several optimization strategies that will allow you to free up space.

Delete junk and spam: eThe first step is to check your inbox and delete all emails stored by default in the ‘junk’ and ‘spam’ folders. Similarly, it’s important to delete emails that are no longer needed and take up space in the app.

Use the search and tag functions: The app lets you find specific emails quickly and easily, plus users can create folders to organize emails you receive so you can identify emails you no longer need and delete them to free up storage space.

Delete emails larger than 10 MB: For this you have to enter the application from a computer, click on the tools icon in the search bar, there will appear various search options according to the email size of 10 MB and you can delete the ones you do not need.

Users also discovered “hidden” codesAllowing you to filter emails above a certain weight, you must place commands for this in the search bar. “larger:50M” and “larger:10M”.


Source: Exame

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