Hideo Kojima announced during WWDC 2023 that death thread director’s cut It will appear on Mac before the end of the year. And it will be the first of several games, the Japanese director promised. “We are entering a new era of Mac gaming,” he said during the event.

The open-world, exploration game will use Apple’s latest technology to “provide the best experience for our fans,” said Kojima, creator of the also successful game. iron mechanism. He said he was “impressed” with the company’s efforts to make the Mac a better place to play.

Apple also announced during WWDC that the next macOS Sonoma It will include a “Game Mode” that drastically cuts down on audio latency from AirPods. In addition, it greatly reduces input lag with game controllers such as Xbox and PlayStation by doubling the Bluetooth sample rate. This mode restricts background tasks to improve performance.

Game Mode works with any game, including all recent and upcoming Mac games. death threadPublished by Sony Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation 4 and 505 Games for Microsoft Windows, it is one of the games that can run on Mac computers with an M2 chip.

death thread‘ comes with the new version of macOS

Apple explained that to ease the transition from other platforms to Mac Metal 3 (its graphics API) introduces a new video game transfer tool kit. “This eliminates months of upfront work and allows developers to see how well their existing game can run on Mac in just a few days,” the company said in a statement.

Apple also announced at WWDC that “death thread‘ Coming to Mac along with other games: ‘To roam’; “Fort Solis”; “World of Warcraft: Flight of Dragons”; ‘HUMANITY’; “Resident Evil Village: Winters Expansion”; among other things.

In addition to “Game Mode”, the main features of the new version of macOS Sonoma are support for widget on desktop and on-air screensavers. It has advanced video conferencing features, allowing users to present and share their work more effectively. One of them is Presenter Overlay, a new video effect that emphasizes the user’s presence over content.

Update also known as macOS 14, it should be available in developer beta soon. And as a public beta, in the coming weeks if the launch strategy of previous years is repeated.

Source: Hiper Textual

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