Apple today (05), during WWDC 2023, virtual and augmented reality glasses: Apple Vision Pro. After years of rumors, the company has finally brought the first details of the product that promises to be the future of the iPhone company.

According to the company, the new device will launch with prices starting at $3,400 and will arrive in 2024. Not mentioning the metaverse during the presentation, Apple’s point is, Introduce a new type of computing with Vision Pro.

Dubbed “spatial computing,” the new concept presented by Apple wants to turn the product into something as revolutionary as the iPhone and Mac. According to Apple, the user can “transform media into displays” using Vision Pro.

According to the company, the product can be controlled by finger, eye and voice, without screens to press, but with a few buttons on the body of the device. Although it is a new augmented reality focused platform, Apple Vision Pro integrates with other Apple devices, including Mac and iPhone.

design and battery

When it comes to visuals, Apple assures that the Apple Vision Pro is its most advanced device ever. The product, which has a design that includes glass and multiple cameras, Its body has buttons for basic controls and promises to be quite light. — after all, the device will stay in the user’s head for hours.


Front, model It has a transparent OLED display so that people can see the user’s eyes. The front also displays colored blurs as the user dives into the content, indicating something is on the screen.

When it comes to the battery, the device promises up to two hours of use. a portable power supplypromises to deliver a lightweight and almost imperceptible design that works depending on the device. Well, The product can be used independently and without extra wiring.

However, it will be necessary for those looking for more usage time. leave device connected to power to get more autonomy more than two hours provided by the portable battery.

Resolution and performance

Regarding the performance, the model has the chip Apple M2 and Apple R1, a new processor aimed at augmented reality. The duo delivers content in high resolution and performance while offering enough power to control the Vision Pro’s multiple sensors.


Each Apple Vision Pro lens has more pixels than a 4K television, according to Apple. Apple, in partnership with Zeiss, will also allow users to order custom lenses for the product for eyeglass wearers.

The device also features “ray-traced audio” to deliver a spatial audio experience. Thus, the sound accompanies the images displayed on the device and promises immersion in daily work, as well as in consumption of content.

New experiences in augmented reality

In addition to being able to use other devices in the shared media in AR, the user will also have the main Apple applications adapted for Vision Pro. The company brought some demos during WWDC.


For example, when opening photos, the user can scale the content to view it at a larger size. The product features 3D capture that allows you to see more deeply the content captured on the device.

FaceTime has also been ported to Apple Vision Pro. The company points out that it will be possible to visualize the call in high resolution in its environment and to hear the sounds with spatial sound.


The product even has a “cinema mode”: the user can watch movies and TV shows directly from the headset, including Apple TV+ content and 3D productions. The product will reflect all content on its screen in high resolution, as well as bringing extra information during the exhibition such as scores during live games.

Device for players on duty, Support for Apple Arcade apps. To play, the user will only need to connect one controller and images will be projected directly into the headset.

apps and security

In addition to movies and games, Apple Vision Pro’s VisionOS system will have its own app store that will cover all the experiences available on the product. The platform will list content made for the device, as well as hundreds of Mac and iOS apps that will run on the product.

The company also guarantees that users will be served with entertainment and business applications. For example, Microsoft’s Office suite and solutions like Zoom will work natively in Apple Vision Pro.

The company also points out that the user does not have to worry about security. Apple has announced new ways to protect user data while in use, such as when developers don’t know where the user is looking.


price and availability

The Apple Vision Pro will be released next year. The product will be released Starting at US$3,499, approximately R$17,200 in direct conversion.

Apple points out that the product will be “revolutionary” to justify the launch’s high price. According to the company, the product offers a more enhanced experience than purchasing a high-performance television with surround sound.

More details about the product will be announced soon, as Apple promised additional information about the device and VisionOS during their WWDC 2023 keynote.

Source: Tec Mundo

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