technology company motorola launched its latest creation in terms of mobile devices on June 1st.

New foldable smartphone razr 40 It has “the most advanced external display on the market,” according to its developer’s page.

with screen 6.9 inch pole Razr 40 and Razr 40 Ultra, which are a different design, appear as their main rivals. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4where the flat prototype that current mobile phones have lagged behind.

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These editions maintain their adherence to the ‘Pantone’ colors prevailing in their previous references, such as the Edge 30 Fusion.

Likewise, it stands out as a design because both the cover and the sole are made of vegan leather.

According to ‘TuTecnoMundo’, the tech channel with over 200 million YouTube subscribers, the biggest improvement in design is the massive new cover screen on Ultra. A 3.6-inch square dominating the face and enveloping the camera lenses.

You can even see notifications, use applications, see maps and even play games in this area, depending on the channel, thanks to the widget options.

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On the Razr 40, which the company plans to offer at a more affordable price, the outer screen is smaller, but the synthetic leather design and color options remain the same.

As for its 6.9-inch display, which is larger than any of the existing foldable displays, the aspect ratio 22:9 and 2640 x 1080 pixels.

Regarding the image update time per second, the image refresh rate of the Razr 40 Ultra 165hz per second, at that time The Razr 40 standard is 144Hz.

These models are a f/1.5 lens characteristic in the industry for its grand opening. This can mean higher quality in taking pictures per second as well as giving better results in night areas.

Motorola claims to go in with this lens Up to 44% more light Based on an f/1.8 aperture like the one used by its rival in the Galaxy Z Flip 4.


Maintains Ultra capacity in terms of load 3.800mAhIt’s slightly larger than the Samsung at 3,700mAh, but the base Razr 40 has a larger battery. 4.200mAh Supports 30W TurboPower charging.

That’s all that is known so far about the new Razr 40 models already available in Spain and the high-end Razr 40 Ultra, but it is still unknown when they will arrive in Latin America.


Source: Exame

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