According to a study on the use of social networks in a political context, 56.2 percent of the respondents do not hesitate to share political content on various social platforms.

The study by Diana Paola Medina, an expert on Government and International Relations, and Gustavo Alfonso Estrada, professor, academic researcher and lecturer, reveals that political activity and other exercises have moved to the “online” world. It allowed more direct contact between institutions, organizations and ordinary people.

study says most people react to political issues. Thus, “53 percent of those surveyed”sometimes you find yourself disagreeing against the political views of content shared on social networks by individuals”.
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In addition, Colombians feel comfortable and free to present their ideas and repeat them unconditionally.

Even within the total number of respondents, 20.4 percent frequently share information of a political nature.

Another result was that 21.8 percent supported some protests on the internet.

Especially among the 8 to 25-year-olds, 40.9 percent supported the protest to some extent.

According to analysis The most used network to express political views is Facebook with 50.1 percent.; WhatsApp with 29 percent of it; Twitter, with 10.5 percent; Instagram with 7.5 percent; and TikTok, with 1.5 percent.

Regarding these networks, it is seen that Facebook is used by the middle class, while TikTok and Instagram have more affinity in the upper classes.

Source: Exame

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