Every year in Russia, hot water is temporarily turned off for repair work in apartments. To maintain comfort, the director of the safety project Sergei Pobedonostsev recommends the use of electric boilers with storage.

He explains that we are all used to comfort and need hot and cold water. Installing a storage electric boiler is the best solution for apartments. For example, a family of three will need 100-150 liters of hot water for showering and washing dishes. There is a wide range of such equipment on the market today.

However, you should take safety precautions and do not try to install the water heaters yourself. The specialist recommends contacting specialists for connecting to water supply and electrical systems. Incorrect connection may cause short circuit and fire. Therefore, it is better to entrust the installation to professionals and companies that specialize in this.

Also, the expert warns that caution should be exercised when heating water in an electric kettle. If you use the water heater in the bathroom, there is a risk of electric shock due to high humidity and grounding of the plumbing fixtures. Therefore, it is better to leave the kettle and its stand in the kitchen to avoid danger.

Source: Ferra

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