These minor improvements that computer keyboards havehas an important purpose, because the experts from Typing Club assure: This is the key to improving the typing experience on technological devices.

Oftenthese keys have a small bump or a raised line, known ones as reference marks or starting marks. The Microsoft technical support blog states: The main function of these bumps is to provide a tactile guide for users to correctly place their fingers on the keyboard. so they can type without having to look at the keys.

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The Writing Club provides: these signs are especially useful for typistsas it allows them to write with higher precision and speed.

Also, The Writing Club says The signs with the F and J keys are the starting position of the index fingers of each hand, since: “on most keyboards, the left index finger should be placed on the F key and the right index finger on the J key”.

Likewise, these positions Known as the typing start position on a QWERTY keyboardIt is the most widely used keyboard layout today.

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In addition to its role, the Microsoft technical support blog provides: reference marks, F and J keys also have additional functionsbecause many keyboards F key acts as function keysallows other actions to be performed in combination with other keys.

same way, J key can be part of numeric keypadlets you quickly enter numbers instead of using the upper number keys.


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