Spotify, the music streaming platform that launched last March with your favorite artists, genres and decades of personalized playlists, revealed the effect of artists coming together for so-called ‘remixes’.

According to Spotify, 75 percent of artists see at least a 10 percent increase in all their streams on the platform. and some specific cases rose to 390,000 percent.
​ ​
Spotify Mixes was inspired by the daily playlist mix and nurtured according to your mood and interests.

According to Gustav Söderström, Spotify’s Director of R&D, “There is no single Spotify experience. actually hHere are more than 345 million different Spotify experiences, one for every listener. Half a billion events take place on Spotify every day, such as search, listen, like, or countless other actions, driving and driving our machine learning system. It gives us the ability to explore in a way that sound has never seen before.”

Each mix category will have multiple playlists with artists, genres, and decades that each person listens to often.

Each mix is ​​created according to your listening habits, then finished. “So if you want to work with a particular artist or listen to music from another decade or so, there is a perfect match for you,” the app says.

Finally, each mix is ​​updated frequently, so the possibilities are endless and there is always something new to discover.

They are designed to grow, to explore and research a new artist, genre or decade.

Subscribers get personalized playlists that combine music, artists, genres and years that the app thinks every subscriber will enjoy. They adapt to the moment the listener is in.​ ​

Source: Exame

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