Games, puzzles, and riddles can help prevent brain corruption, as there are a variety of apps to learn skills and improve others, and improve people’s health and well-being.
There are many options and apps that offer options for logic, math, memory, and that’s why we’ve selected a few options to stimulate your mind.

This brain trainer is available on Google Play store, it has various exercises for short-term memory, concentration, speed and accuracy.

Perhaps the best known and available for iOS and Android devices, it has over 90 million users and its games and challenges were designed by neuroscientists.The idea is to offer daily exercises that are updated and improve memory, logic, critical thinking or math skills.

In this application there are different types of logical puzzles and physical calculations using your memory skills. It is a complete brain power game full of fun puzzles and brain teasers.

All you have to do is choose the category you want to memorize and solve all the questions very quickly.

This is a platform with a long list of logic games created to improve memory, reflexes, coordination, speed and mental precision.

Games consist of short games that allow users and users.Train their brain for a few seconds when they find themselves in boring situations.

This mobile platform, which was deemed worthy of an award proving the effectiveness of its exercises by the German Federal Ministry of Health and the General Department of Psychology at the Free University of Berlin, has 15 million users worldwide and trains their brains with 15 games. It offers 250 levels.

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