Minister Gustavo Petro confirmed that an economic and social emergency will be declared in the coming days. This was expressed from Paris, France, where he was found this Friday.
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“Given the causes, mainly in the La Guajira region, around El Niño, the exacerbation by the climate crisis that brought an event that raised the temperature by an average of 1.5 and could sustain the phenomenon over time, The obvious emergency is water, thirst. We will try to deal with it with certain measures,” he said. .

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The declaration would then be intended to address the crisis in that department, particularly with regard to water shortages and malnutrition of minors.

Regarding the main problems affecting this population, the President said, “Water is the main axis. The reason for the death of boys and girls is the lack of water and poor quality. The second is health and the third is the economic basis.”

Over the next week, Petro and his entire cabinet will hold meetings with the community in Riohacha, Uribia and Nazareth, Albania, Manaure and Maicao, among other towns in this region.

“From the 26th, the whole Government, we will be in La Guajira that whole week. The government in La Guajira will show this week which institutions are staying in rhetoric, where are the barriers that need to be removed to comply with the constitutional provision,” he said.

This newspaper also learned that “an agreement for a just energy transition in La Guajira” would be prepared.

This includes encouraging communities to participate in renewable energy projects to be sustainable and strengthening protocols to enter the Wayuú region and One draft assures State compliance so that “companies have guidelines for respecting the uses and customs of ethnic communities in the region”.

The President, through this declaration, with the signature of all ministers, to issue decree-laws exclusively aimed at preventing the crisis of the case and preventing the spread of its effects.

These decree-laws should refer to matters that have a direct and specific relevance to the State of Emergency and may temporarily set new taxes or amend existing taxes, as provided for by the Constitution. In these latter cases, the measures will cease to apply at the end of the next fiscal period, unless Congress is of a permanent nature within the following year.

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In the event of events that seriously and imminently disrupt or threaten the economic and social order or constitute a serious public disaster, this measure may be applied in accordance with the Constitution.

The Head of State may make this notification for up to 30 days, not to exceed 90 days in the calendar year.

Through such a declaration, the President, with the signature of all ministers, can only issue decree-laws aimed at preventing the crisis and preventing the spread of its effects.

Aura Saavedra

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Source: Exame

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