Japan is on alert for the Oz Virus that killed a woman. Authorities in the Japanese country announced that the 70-year-old victim would have contracted the disease from a tick.

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In accordance with European Press, The woman from Ibaraki Province said He had a fever and fatigue from here he was diagnosed with pneumonia. However, his condition worsened and he had to be hospitalized for this.

In the examination, a tick was detected on the upper part of his right thigh. It turned out to be a woman in the end. died of myocarditis, that is, inflammation of the heart muscle.

The woman had gone to a health facility in the summer of 2022 after showing symptoms such as fever and weakness.

The Oz Virus was discovered in 2018 and is transmitted by tick bites. Very common throughout Japan.

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According to the Maryland-based United States National Library of Medicine, The Oz Virus is a species of the Thogotovirus genus. and Dhori is related to the Batken or Bourbon virus.

Headquartered in Madrid, Spain, the iO Foundation testudinarium It is the main type of tick that transmits this virus to humans.

It is stated that nucleic acid amplification tests are applied for detection and diagnosis there. people infected with the virus by measuring antibodies.

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According to the said foundation, there is no specific treatment neither a cure nor a vaccine. The only way to prevent transmission of the virus is to prevent tick bites.

Europa Press reports that the 70-year-old woman has contracted the Oz Virus. He died after staying in the hospital for 26 days.

El Universal (Mexico) / GDA

Source: Exame

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