According to the Practice and Innovation Association Alianza In, the current text of Labor Reform presented at the Republican Congress last Thursday is, It will destroy more than 80,000 jobs for people working as delivery drivers via digital platforms.

Alianza In’s Executive Director, José Daniel López, affirmed that this reform must bring innovation and opportunity on a large scale without being irresponsible.

“The dilemma here is not between vulnerability and social protection; Yes, more than 120,000 homeowners working in Colombia can be protected without risking their income. “This economic sector (for various population groups) fulfills an important social function and is committed and ready to tackle and improve the registration and protection of delivery drivers.”

The union also pointed to several proposals they made to the National Government that were not considered in the document submitted to the Legislature.

Offers include payment of labor risks for distributors earning more than the equivalent of the minimum wage, as well as payment of an insurance package that covers accident, health, RCE, among others, which is mandatory for distributors earning less than the minimum equivalent. wage and Agreement between workers and companies to pay for health and retirement.

According to López, the proposal of the National Government, enforce forced labori.e. the companies that manage the platforms they would have to hire all deliverers, connected, hourly and fixed income, putting an end to the main and most effective source of business, allowing time-setting.

“An atomic bomb has been placed on a large-scale self-employed industry. If I am unemployed today, I can work as a delivery man tomorrow. But if job reform is approved as it comes, I’ll have to submit a resume and wait to see if they call me.“said the manager

According to Alianza In calculations, the most affected companies will be local and medium-sized platforms. “There are more than 75,000 allied businesses with 2.5 million users and over 7 million monthly orders. This entire ecosystem will be severely impacted,” the union says.

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Source: Exame

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