On the morning of July 3, a vehicle crashed on the Apulo – Tocaima road while planning to return from the San Pedro festive bridge.. According to the information received from the fire department, two people died in the incident.

(Follow the scope: LIVE return plan: there will be regional and reversible peak and plate returns to Bogota this way).

The incident occurred in the village of Naveta, near the entrance to a cement factory.

“It looks like he’s losing control and falling from a height of about 10 meters. We have two death reports,” said Captain Álvaro Farfán, Cundinamarca Fire Delegate.

Firefighters await the Prosecutor’s CTI He rescued the bodies of those traveling in the maroon-colored minibus.

(Also: Everything you need to know about the return and migration plan in Bogota at the San Pedro bridge).

Traffic authorities must inform drivers before they set off. Check the condition of your car and keep documentation up to date. They should also avoid driving while intoxicated.

They should also obey speed limits and traffic signs, avoid dangerous maneuvers and of course use seat belts when moving on Colombian roads.

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Source: Exame

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