Fake news and pornography should be banned from the internet. This This Views of Brazilians in a Datafolha survey conducted in May of this year. Fake news is hated by 92% of respondents, while pornography is second with 89% of disapproval.

Released last Thursday (29), consultation also highlighted dissemination of corpse images on social networks (87%) and political hate messages (86%).

Finally, by completing the “inferiority rank”, embarrassing celebrity news and AI-manipulated photosexclusion is advocated by 81% and 67% of the participants, respectively.

Who are the research participants?

The Fake News Project was removed from the agenda because a consensus could not be reached.

Stratification of research participants shows more rejection among women than men in all questions presented. However, some topics such as pornography and celebrity news attract more female audiences, with 94% rejecting the former (84% versus men) and 87% versus 75% for the latter.

fatigue caused by AI-generated images, The differences become more pronounced as the age group of the interviewees increases. Teens aged 16-24, 60% of teens 25-34, and 76% of teens aged 60 and over want to remove such content.

While the research noted a consensus among participants that practically all items offered from the internet should be excluded, There is debate about who should do this. For 30%, the social networks themselves should take this initiative; For 29%, users should report inappropriate content; 26% understand that this is a function of the government.

Source: Tec Mundo

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