Tattooing today, like many centuries ago, is associated with pain. Many people are willing to endure it in order to beautify their bodies. However, others envy their will, but do not want to and think that they may suffer. The Georgia Institute of Technology discovered a way to get pictures on the skin without any trouble. To do this, the research center has developed one patch, the side of which is covered with microneedles.

In general, the use in medicine and veterinmbhai has been developed, but not Eve but not the value. By sticking the remnants of the patch, you can deliver vaccines and drugs to the right place in the body or quickly and accurately measure the level of sugar and alcohol in the blood. In addition, microneedles filled with microbes can leave a pattern on the skin. Each of them forms separate pixel images.

Tattoo patches

So far, the technology is far from perfect, but several experiments have been tested on Srkhbrna. It turned out that tattoos made from a plaster last at least 12 months. Reading the full r m m m edermis of rats and humans, scientists are sure that the team has a rrrrrrrr command Even now, this method can safely carry a standard image – for example, data on the k group.

In the future, the methodology can be improved and refined. For this, in particular, it is required to increase the resolution of the realization of pictures. In addition, it is necessary to develop paint, a way to disappear by the definition of time. In the long term, the appearance of an aaratnaya is possible, which allows you to print your own drawings. This know-how, of course, will not replace the true masters with a specialization line available.

Source: Tech Cult

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