In Colombia, every citizen has 1.2 mobile phones. This means that there are, on average, 65.75 million cell phones for a total of 51.39 million Colombians. This was announced in the ‘Digital 2022 Global Outlook Report’ report published in the Portafolio newspaper.

A figure who talks about how people’s access to this technology, as well as their dependence on it, is increasing. That’s why experts recommend disconnecting for at least a few minutes a day to maintain mental health. first of all, because of the entertainment apps that preoccupy and cloud our thoughts.

“Also, there are dangerous apps that can be closed manually from the phone itself, but there are other processes that only stop working when the device is turned off or restarted. If there’s a process going on from the other end, hanging up will break the chain, and even if it’s just the phone turned off, it will inevitably frustrate the potential hacker,” explains Nanda. Guard.

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La Vanguardia points out that Australia is not the only government that recommends turning off the cell phone every day. “The United States National Security Agency has released a guide in 2020 with cybersecurity tips, including weekly turning off smartphones as a safeguard against hacker attacks.”

From time to time, there are virus announcements that infect hundreds of thousands of devices. According to a report by cybersecurity company Kaspersky last May, a new Trojan virus called “Fleckpe” has been detected that has entered mobile phones through around 11 photo editing apps.

The company reported that approximately 620,000 mobile devices were infected with this malware, and when it entered the system, users were unwittingly subscribed to different online payment services and even emptied their bank accounts.


Source: Exame

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