owners of models iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro they report fast draining of battery in less than a year. From the news source Sam Kohl”Apple Piece”, tweeted that the iPhone 14 Pro it had already lost 10% of its total capacity, a much faster degradation than experienced in previous iPhones. Many other users have reported similar experiences.

As described in “The Verge,” Kohl highlighted his concern through a recently released video in which he expressed his reluctance to recommend the phone, especially given its high price of $999.

There is no clear explanation as to why iPhone 14 users experience rapid battery degradation. It may be due to the individual usage pattern as some users use their devices more frequently and charge them more frequently.

Another reason could be the weather, as many countries experienced record-breaking summers this year. But, not all iPhone 14 users have this problem. Some users said that their iPhone 14 batteries lasted better than their predecessors.

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According to Apple’s official statements, it is useful to clarify this. iPhone batteries should hold up to 80% of its original capacity after completing 500 charge cycles.

Joanna Stern, ex-author of “The Verge” and senior technology columnist for “The Wall Street Journal,” reported in recent news releases that the iPhone 14 Pro has recorded 88% battery capacity.

Source: Exame

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