Yesterday, August 17, Colombia suffered a 6.1 magnitude earthquake, with its epicenter in El Calvario, Meta; however, it was felt strongly in different parts of the country, including the city of Bogotá.

Since then, as reported by the Colombian Geological Service, There were at least 130 aftershocks with the blackout at noon on Friday.

This has triggered a sense of anguish and vulnerability among citizens in different parts of the country, so once the thousands of people who experienced the strong movement were safe, contact your loved ones.

Again, several mobile lines crashed for a few seconds, this made it impossible to provide timely information on the well-being of families, friends or couples. in the middle of despair Social networks became a bridge of connection.

Facebook, one of the most popular platforms among users, activated a special service that aims to let users report their health status after the event.

“Are you okay? During the earthquake in central Colombia, several people in your area confirmed they were okay. Click “I’m fine” to send notifications to your friends and share a post to state your status,” the app says when the user enters.

If you click on the ad, you’ll see information about your contacts’ responses. The notification is divided into two: people who confirm that they’re good, and people who haven’t confirmed yet.

When the social network is an event-sized event earthquake, hurricane, fire or building collapse In a place where there are people who may be in danger, an information agency about global crises warns Facebook.

“When the security check is enabled, people in the area can receive a notification from Facebook to confirm that they are safe. People who click on the security check notification will also be able to see if they have any friends in the affected area or anyone who has confirmed they’re okay.”he finishes.

Finally, Risk Management officials announced on Thursday that departments affected by the first earthquakes Boyacá, Cundinamarca, Meta and the country’s capital, Bogotá.


Source: Exame

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