What seemed like an incredible rumor just a few weeks ago has finally become a reality. Valve announced ‌Counter-Strike 2, the next generation of the popular first-person shooter. A game that, despite the passage of time and the existence of many other alternatives of the same genre, has remained one of the most popular video games on PC and Steam Deck. Now, however, it’s time to take the leap to the next generation.

As mentioned by Valve, counter strike 2 represents a significant technical leap from CS:GO. While they’ve upgraded the graphics engine – to Source 2 – don’t expect the game to boast state-of-the-art graphics. The company’s idea is that it can continue to run on as many computers as possible, thereby supporting its huge community.

counter strike 2 This is the most important technical achievement in the history of this franchise and will allow us to continue adding features and updates for years to come.”


Those led by Gabe Newell saved most of the details for later. However, they have shared a series of videos where the developers explain some of the news.

At the moment, the most important thing is that the infrastructure that will give life counter strike 2 now use one subtik architecture. Previously, the title was supported by a checkmark system. That is, the rate at which the server records events that occur during the game. With the new generation and the introduction of subticks, servers will be able to identify more events happening in a match.

“Thanks to the update architecture with subtick counter strike 2servers know exactly when to start moving, firing a bullet, or starting a “float.”


YouTube video

Concerning cardsyou can expect those classics to return CS:GO what the players love. Of course they will have a visual update. However, also there will be completely new scenarios this will take advantage of the features of Source 2. For example, its updated lighting and a new rendering system that allows objects to be rendered with realistic physics.

And fans of map making should know that Valve will offer new creative tools for developing your own scenarios in Source 2.

YouTube video

Will there be new gameplay? Certainly. So far they have explained that smoke bombs in counter strike 2 will function as a three-dimensional volumetric object. This will allow all players to see the same smoke regardless of their position. In addition, its particles will be able to react to the environment.

YouTube video

counter strike 2 will be available this summer as a free update for CS:GO, though we don’t yet know its specific release date. However, some lucky players ‌CS:GO you will be able to test it starting today in closed beta testing. The idea is that developers listen to Feedback from your community to improve features and fix bugs.

“This summer, when it is officially released, we will introduce all the new features of the game, but the path to counter strike 2 Get started today with a limited trial available to select players from CS:GO. During testing, we will test a subset of CS2 features to address potential issues before its global release.


Source: Hiper Textual

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