What affects the price of a computer? Is it worth paying the difference? Two questions we ask ourselves at a point when we are faced with the decision to purchase equipment for home or personal use.

The cost of one of these devices largely depends on the type and ‘brain’ (processor) it has, the amount of RAM memory it has. (responsible for always having the apps and documents you use most “at hand”) and the type of technology and amount of storage. This aside from having a good graphics card and other design components, materials and type of equipment (laptop or desktop) all affect value.

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According to Intel, about 2.2 million computers were sold in Colombia in 2022, the majority for use with office tasks, navigation, video conferencing, i.e. basic tasks for homes and offices.

Like this, In addition to the budget, the first thing to be clear about is the answer to the question: What do you need a computer for?

According to the DigitalTrends portal, everything depends on it: the choice of components for the PC that will help you solve the tasks you need.

For example, if it is a PC for home, shared use, an ‘all-in-one’ desktop PC would be ideal, starting at $1.4 million.

Now, if you’re going to work “on the street”, the portable model is for you: they’re available in a million or more models.

The type of tasks will determine its final price, because If you need to run design applications or manipulate a lot of data (spreadsheets, video editing, etc.), you will need a more capable computer. and therefore higher price.

Below we present some of the technical aspects to consider when choosing your computer and, above all, the impact of each item on the final cost.

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The market offers computer models according to the user profile:

Institutional. Machines with durability, lightness, thinness, good power and security, and business applications, such as Lenovo’s Thinkpads, are valued starting at $4.5 million.

For gamers. These are laptops and desktops with the most powerful processors and graphics cards on the market (to run detailed images), a cooling system to control their high temperatures, and custom illuminated mice and keyboards like Asus that cost more than $8 million. .

An endless discussion. We are currently faced with a non-technical decision: both platforms offer performance and efficiency. You’re well equipped for design, editing, and creative tasks at Apple. as one of its benefits. For this reason, it is preferred in design agencies, etc.

The only three differences could be: price (a range reduced each time) because Apple equipment is more expensive; If you have games (the most famous games are for Windows) and Apple devices (iPad, iPhone), it will be more advantageous to use a Mac. Other than that, there is no serious difference between the brands.


And not just because of capacity, but also because of technology. Obviously, the bigger the better, especially if it’s a solid-state hard drive (you’ll see it as an SSD), which will make the computer a bit more expensive, but increase in efficiency: this system is a large USB-like memory, i.e. spinning it has no electromechanical parts and a pin that ‘writes’ data. Therefore, they are safer. Choose a computer with at least 512GB SSD drive.

Here’s the fight between Intel and AMD. Both types of “brains” are good and strong. You’ll recognize them from the Celeron, Pentium, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 and Core i9 references (from lowest to highest price) in the first brand. As far as AMD is concerned, again references from lowest to highest are Athon, Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5, and Ryzen 7. Alongside the Intel Core i7 and Core i9, Ryzen 7 is available in high-cost, powerful computers that can be considered “high-end”.

The trick is to understand that there are ‘generations’: that is, you can see a computer with an advanced ‘brain’ for a good price, but from previous generations (years). You can technically compare them at Versus.com. As for RAM, it should be at least 8GB, hopefully 16 for it to be fast.

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