As inflation rises in Colombia and manufacturing countries, as every year, the prices of goods and services rise. However, the mobile phone market in the country could have managed to maintain similar prices so far, but will show a fairly marked increase for next year.

A new report suggests it will happen this time, according to the tech-specialized ‘’ portal. a significant rise will be reflected in high-tech devices.

Yogesh Brar, the famous leaker of smartphones, announced that new mobile phones of known companies iPhone, Xiaomi and Samsung They will not run with the same luck as before and they will experience a price increase.

According to his analysis, this rise It will begin to appear from the second semester of this year.with the increase in costs, which will increase from 50 euros to 200 euros, that is, from 223,299 dollars to 893,199 dollars in flagships of the main manufacturers.

Brar states that this covers the following devices: Google Pixel 8 series, iPhone 15 series, Xiaomi 14 series and Samsung Galaxy S24 series.

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It should be noted that a series refers to all devices of that model, namely X, Pro, Pro Max, Plus, among others.


Source: Exame

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