Unexpectedly, a user of the popular social network TikTok, revealed the location of a secret exit It belongs to a well-known Colombian shoe brand, located in the city of Bogotá.


opportunities buying products at lower prices is the center of attention For a lot of people in Colombia, especially when it comes to well-known brands.

Through the TikTok platform, a young man shared his experience of discovering a place that offers discounts and promotions on various shoeswhere shoes are available for both men and women of all ages.

The shared information in question is for the benefit of a large number of users. trying to make the most of savings opportunities.

Tiktoker’s first sentences “You always tell me you want the economy and I’m killing myself trying to find where to save them (…) Today we found that place for shoes, for boys, for girls, for school.” in the video.

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As Sebastián says his name is on the social network, I found a shoe store starting at $35,000 pesos and did not hesitate to share it on his social networks. Therefore, it is a factory point of the famous Colombian shoe brand: croydon

As seen in the video, the hero with the username ‘@me_dicenpato’ shared that he is inside the ground. Southern Highway No. 61 – 51, Sevillana, Bogotá.

Additionally, tiktoker highlights: the warehouse is arranged on two levels: The first floor hosts auctions and special offers, while the second floor showcases the shoes of the new collection.

During the video, Sebastián shows how the ground is distributed. clearly showing the various price options, shoe sizes and styles available. This covers a wide spectrum with options for boys, girls, teens and adults.

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Users of the shoe brand confirmed the existence of the output and expressed their comments about the famous shoe brand. “I always go there to buy shoes, they are very good and cheap. I love them very much, in Sevillana,” at the factory point, at the Sevillana station at the South exit. Good promotions confirmed” were some of the opinions expressed by Internet users.

Clip that already adds to the total More than 674 views and 20k likesIt also received all kinds of comments from social network users who did not hesitate to react to the broadcast.

“The truth is, they are long lasting shoes. Loyal Croydon customer, they support Colombian products, they are durable and inexpensive”, “I always buy all the shoes for the whole family in Croydon. I recommend, very good shoes”, “My wife ‘pata brava’ , uses these tennis shoes and they come out very high quality, recommended”, “Very good quality, beautiful, elegant, very good prices”, “Thanks, these videos are the videos you made.” were some of the comments made by users.


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