Popular short video-focused social media platform TikTok is taking a bold step in its advertising strategy. about including interspersed ads in search results.

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This feature will allow advertisers to reach users directly when searching for content that interests them, in order to provide a more personalized and effective advertising experience.

Until now, the search bar on TikTok has been an essential way for surfers to discover specific videos, from fashion tutorials to recipes to product reviews.

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The company draws attention with its smart algorithm that introduces ‘for you’, that is, ‘feeding’. Suggests shots based on each user’s preferences and activity.

But that dynamic is about to change with the addition of ads to search results.

The tech firm announced this innovation via its official blog and announced that this new functionality will result in a tool called ‘Search Ads Relay’.

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This will allow brands to be placed next to content relevant to their business, product or service. It also aims to maintain a more “personalized” ad experience.

The tech company explained on its official blog: “Brands can now feature alongside content related to their businesses, products, or services while simultaneously providing users with a more personalized advertising experience.”

Currently, the function ‘Search Ads Transition’ undergoes testing in various markets and is available in the United States.

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Source: Exame

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