Alexa is one of the most used virtual assistants by digital users. The smart speaker has proven to be a very useful tool for basic taskslike telling the time, playing any playlist and answering any question or doubt.

It can even perform more difficult commands. How to monitor smart home devices? This product developed by Amazon responds to the owner’s needs in the way it sees best with just a voice command.

But there are other features of Alexa that you may not be aware of and that can further optimize your interaction with Alexa.

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According to the ‘Computer Hoy’ web portal, this mode can be used on any device that syncs with Alexa, from the Echo model to those with a mobile app on their iOS or Android device.

The peculiarity of this mod is that the device can detect an activation attempt and, if you say a wrong word or a command is missing, it can immediately notify you that you did not enter it correctly.

To activate, you must specify the following order: “Alexa, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, ‘start’. This will create the device’s default incognito mode.

However, the ‘Super Alexa Mode’ is of no use, it’s just a joke the assistant shares with the user.

Although it’s an obvious feature, some people don’t know that they can find their phone with just a voice command and within a few minutes. A very useful alternative if you need to leave home soon and don’t know where your equipment is.


Thanks to artificial intelligence andThis device can be programmed to detect sounds associated with a routine, such as turning off light bulbs. in one of the rooms.

According to the American company’s page, the virtual assistant can be programmed to increase or decrease the intensity of a lamp depending on the time or the routine action it performs.

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To set this smart lighting option To add ‘Smart Devices’ you need to enter the Alexa app and select ‘Routines’, because there you can choose the lights you want to control and their intensity.

Note that if you have to turn off all lamps in one place, this must be done for each bulb.


Source: Exame

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