Versions are mounting about the return of Laura Sarabia to the government of Gustavo Petro. This time it is accompanied by a possible cast on the government. The former official would not reach the special clerk position he assumed until June, and would go to the Social Welfare Department (DPS).

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This addiction is currently run by Cielo Rusinque. Prior to Sarabia’s arrival, the current head of the DPS would be chief of staff. Close to Rusinque, they accepted his departure from existence and his arrival at the Casa de Nariño as a fact.

The chief of staff has been vacant since the Benedetti-Sarabia scandal. and its functions were performed by Dapre’s director, Carlos Ramón González. There is currently no official confirmation of future changes in government.

There are conflicting versions of these changes. On the one hand, the Casa de Nariño press team officially described the information as “rumors” that Sarabia is back and that Rusiqnue will assume one of the positions closest to President Petro.

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On the other hand, circles close to the president also expressed that such changes are possible. Moreover, since last week, someone close to the president has confirmed that a proposal for Laura Sarabia’s return is on the table.

In fact, this Monday afternoon, the law firm representing Laura Sarabia released a statement stating that “there are no obstacles to the performance of her public duties”.

“The extradition of Laura Sarabia Torres to the government took place in an area that has had and has no functional relationship with the courts involved in the ongoing investigations,” Sarabia’s lawyer, Jorge Gómez Restrepo, said in a statement. .

In an interview with Cambio, Gustavo Petro left open the possibility of his right-hand man returning to Management. The latest versions will confirm what those close to the president have said, though not the position he left in the first half of 2023. DPS is of great importance for various government plans. Even the Jóvenes en Paz strategy, which will provide up to one million pesos a month in aid to vulnerable youth, runs through this department.

On the morning of June 2, President Gustavo Petro announced in the middle of the promotion ceremony at the Jose María Córdova Military School: Armando Benedetti, then Colombian ambassador to Venezuela, and Laura Sarabia, his then private secretary, were leaving their posts.

The above is after the scandal involving both of them in the robbery that took place at Sarabia’s home, in which her former nanny, Marelbys Meza, appears as a suspect. The investigation continues, but the revelation that Meza’s phone had been illegally seized by Dijín staff was the final straw.

Although the announcement was made on June 2, the scandal broke out on May 27.

“Concerning the theft incident that my family was victimized and I reported to the authorities in time, this is an amount not exceeding US$7,000, corresponding to the official travel expenses incurred in August 2022, and it was delivered to us in that currency in January 2023,” he said.

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More data came to light in the following days, but the most transcendent is given here: To change Noting that Marelbys Meza’s phone had been bugged for 10 days, he included his number in an investigation by the Gulf clan, later about to take a polygraph test at Casa de Nariño.

The Prosecutor’s Office immediately held a press conference and explained the details of what had happened, adding: The person who added Meza’s number to the list of investigations into the operations of the armed group could have been an agent of Dijín del Chocó.Therefore, the prosecutor requested the warrant judge’s authorization to carry out the intervention, and he finally gave the guarantee.

Police also stated that on the night of 31 May, the Director of Dijín informed the Director General that same day, but a forensic analyst went to the Attorney General’s Office in the morning. submit a declaration. In this letter, he informed his superiors that the request “resulted from his actions within the scope of an investigation authorized by the prosecutor on January 26, 2023. At the request of a Dijín investigator, two hotlines were instructed to initiate an investigation against a criminal organization“.

However, they contradict the Prosecutor’s Office by stating that the activity in question will be implemented since January 30 and will last 72 hours due to the request of the same person.Cancel the line of investigation process, arguing that it doesn’t fit well-founded motivation“.

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Benedetti’s previous Twitter account “Does it shoot?” It is useful to clarify what is implied by the expression.

Finally, Sarabia wrote on her own social network: “The peace of mind of having acted truthfully, honestly and without any self-interestHe added that he will cooperate to clarify the facts.


Source: Exame

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